Email Marketing

How we Implement Email Marketing Strategies

We adopt a quality approach to implementing professional email marketing campaign strategies. To gain business competitive advantage to carryout product or services awareness campaign, email marketing has been proved to be one of the most potent tool to use.

We understand the nitty-gritty of email campaign strategies and how effectively to use it to promote your brand, product and services. You need to give us a chance to sky-rocket you promotion with our campaign strategies.

It is characterized with lot of advantages. If you run a business in this century and you have not considered using email marketing as part of your marketing strategies, you will be loosing to your competition.

Purpose of Email Marketing

  • Email Marketing is addressed to target customers

    If you have a demography of your target customer, email marketing is the most potent tool to get to them. Its advantage is inherent in its target-centric approach. We can help you gathered the required email of your target customer and shoot them effective sales copy of your business.

  • Email Marketing Campaign can be Customized

    Another very important advantage of Email Marketing is the fact that it is highly customizable. You can use your brand colour, logo, concept to communicate to your target customers. It allows for the use of images, sales copy, animated gif and other beautiful concept for the email broadcast.

  • Email Marketing Increases Brand Awareness

    We can use our creative and intelligent team to sell your brand to the minds of your customers or prospective customers. With useful business tips and update, product launch and capacity building for your customers, email marketing is the most effective strategies to remain in the mind of your customers

  • Email marketing is highly cost effective and affordable

    At Articulate Technologies Concept, our email marketing strategies are kept affordable to every interested clients. We can streamline the number of recipient based on available fund without reducing the quality of the campaign email broadcast. The return on investment with email marketing is highly guaranteed

  • Email Marketing Enhances Search Engine Optimization

    Using email marketing efficiently and effectively brings in excellent link-back strategies which aids Google Ranking in related search engine algorithm. With email marketing having good Call to Action within helps prospective customers link up to the website thereby helping Google search engine rob to index such a site for optimization.

  • Call to Action

    A well written email marketing broadcast must have a call to action button that tells the reader what to immediately in response to effectiveness of the campaign. At Articulate Technologies, we understand how the concept works and we will deliver professional jobs for your industry.

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