E-Learning Solutions at Articulate

E-LEARNING solution from Articulate Technologies Concept is a good platform we create and work with to deliver exclusive and excellent learning capabilities where students can learn with creativity and innovation. We leverage the technologies to develop robust learning system that grants participants (teachers and students) a good approach to effective teaching and learning.

What We Do

  • Content Development

    We explore our research and development unit to update every aspect of our learning content.  Our learning content are packaged in forms of e-books, videos, audio, presentation, books and handouts etc

  • Learning Management System

    We have professional resource personnel who have mastered various learning management systems. At the same, we have the capabilities to develop a custom built learning management system for individual client.

  • Audio-Visual Production

    At Articulate Technologies Concept, we leverage multiple tools in developing highly interactive learning experience. We are professionals in using Adobe Captivate, Adobe Indesign, Microsoft Powerpoint, Adobe Photoshop etc

  • Mobile Learning

    As a software company that deals in mobile application development, we have the experience to develop learning resource from the recipe of mobile technology. We develop learning resources and application for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows etc.

  • E-Learning Consulting

    With our years of experience in delivering elearning solution to corporate organizations, we provide consultancy services for interested client who might have issues with their elearning processes.

  • HR Development Strategies

    At Articulate Technologies Concept, a deep attention is given to human resource development. The human resources is the most important factor in any organization. Hence, our preference for her development.

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