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How to choose the best software development company

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How to choose the best software development company

A custom software is a typical software that is developed specifically for a purpose. It is specifically developed for a need. It may be purposely built to meet the need of an existing company or to be built as a new project or product.

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A typical example of a Custom Software could be a software that handles customer management and complaint, or a software that traces fraud in a financial institution, or software that handles new enrolment, payment services, rental services, etc.

With the recent global events as a result of the COVID19 pandemic, every business has come to realize the need to automate most of their business activities which will mean the need to have purposely built custom software to handle most of those activities. This in turn, created the need for software development companies.

We are putting this write up together to give you insight in to how to choose the best software development company for your project.

With tones of software development company, we have seen the emergence of qualified and unqualified companies parading as software development company.

The following point will help guide your selection for an ideal software company.

  1. Do A Background Check of the available software company
Software Development Company in Lagos, Software Development Company in Nigeria, Software Company in Lagos, Articulate Technologies Concept

Before you start selecting or choosing your desired company for your project, you have the obligation to check the background of the available companies.

Go on Google to check various software company. Search by keywords based on the nature of your project. If you are looking for a company that can develop a mobile application, you can search for Mobile App Development Company. If you are interested in developing a portal or typical web application, you can search for Software company.

After searching via the search engine, you can profile the available result based on their website and information offering. You can proofread their services, solutions, experiences, portfolios to select the best fit for your project.

Part of the obligations is to also check through their social media platform to understudy their social activities and engagement. Through their social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter, you will understand their cultural values, their daily corporate behaviors and their major interest.

  • X-Ray their portfolio or case studies
Software Development Company in Lagos, Software Development Company in Nigeria, Software Company in Lagos, Articulate Technologies Concept

One of the most important aspect to consider in selecting a qualified software development company is to check the volume of their portfolio. You can easily discern the difference between the experienced and the newly claimed software company by checking the richness of their portfolio.

You will need to check the nature of the projects they have handled in the past. The kind of company they have worked with.

You can also check to see if they have done a similar project as yours which will contribute positively to their involvement and understanding of the working modality of your project.

A company that has done more than 50 projects would have gathered wide experience than companies with just less than 10 projects. The volume and nature of the project also matters. An enterprise-database driven project with multiple modules will surely prove a wider experience curve than just a standalone project.

So, you might also have to consider the nature of the projects from their portfolio or case studies to choose the ideal software company for your project.

  • Understand their core competence
Software Development Company in Lagos, Software Development Company in Nigeria, Software Company in Lagos, Articulate Technologies Concept

There are different categories of software company in the industry. We have unicorn software companies that specialize in all kinds of software development while we have product based or industry-based software development company.

Your project should inform your choice of software company selection. If your project will be better handled by focused-based or industry-based company, your search might have to focus on that cluster.

For example, if you are developing a fintech project, it might be better to look for software companies whose area of focus is fintech technology. This is important, because they will be able to provide enough guide for your project based on their industry experience. They would have got all the tools like APIs, software resources needed for such project.

But if your project is more of a general nature project, like developing a marketplace, a membership portal etc, you can consider the software company with enough developmental experience in the industry.

  • Under study their project development system from initiation to completion
Software Development Company in Lagos, Software Development Company in Nigeria, Software Company in Lagos, Articulate Technologies Concept

Ideally, there are systematic approach to software development. For every software development, the project usually starts at a level. You must be familiar with most of the approaches to software development.

Every software project must start with Understanding the project brief. The initialization stage which can have a number of iterations ranging from data gathering, project objective analysis etc to signing of SLA.

Then a software project completion must also be included which might range from handing over, staff training, source code handing over, project completion sign-off etc.

Your choice of software development company must be based on how they handle software development projects. The company that does not have a structured approach to your project might not be a good fit for your project.


For every project or product development, cost of development goes a long way to determine the realization of the project.

At the point of selecting a software company, we can have different approach to pricing among the software development company. But as the product or project owner the wisest is not to base your selection of price quotation from the companies.

Truth to be told, developing a quality and standard application requires more than the facial presentations of the user interface. The code algorithm, database schema with security integration determines largely the amount to be spent on the project.

If your selection must be based on pricing, then this could be a guide.

  1. Do not give your project to the cheapest of proposal
  2. Carryout research on the average cost of developing the likes of your project
  3. Let the quality of your project determine your price. If you are developing a marketplace, you should know that your cost will be far more than when you are developing an E-Commerce site. If you are developing an enterprise application, you should be ready to pay that price not the price of developing a static application.

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