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How to list your business on Google Mybusiness

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Google My Business

Without any doubt, Google has remained the go-to for every person looking for specific information on the internet. With billions of queries-searches on Google, you cannot remain in business in this dispensation without having strong presence on Google.

Among the numerous services and products by Google to assist businesses across the globe is business listing services by Google titled GOOGLE MY BUSINESS.

As a business owners, entrepreneurs, who is interested on how his business is responding on Google search must take this seriously.

If you do not have the capacity to implement strong Search engine Optimization so that your business will appear on the first page of Google when there is any search for the keyword of your services, then you should take advantage of GOOGLE MY BUSINESS to position your business name and other details on Google.

The very first approach to having a good presence on Google is to get listed as a business info on Google Business Listing.

Advantage of this to your business is that you gain access to the following resources

  1. Google Map location to your business address
  2. Excited images of your business, products, portfolios etc
  3. Your working info like days of operation, operation hours etc
  4. A direct link to your website (if there is any)
  5. Priority listing on your niche category with appropriate keyword
  6. Client reviews which assist in Google trust of your site



  1. Gmail account is a must. In order to use any Google resources, you must have a Gmail account.
  2. Detailed business address with postal code
  3. Website is optional

To start with your account, go to


You will need to login with your Gmail account as a prerequisite.

After login in, you will see your dashboard.

On your dashboard, what is most important is Location management.

Click on Manage Locations and choose, Add Location

From there, you can follow the screen instruction till you are done.

Here you will specify the name of your business

Next is that you will need to specify the location of your business. That is your address.

You will then need to choose the category for your business. For example, if you run a school, you choose education. If you sell a product, you can choose retail etc

The contacts you wish Google should attach to your account and made available for the public to see on Google website. Your phone number, email etc

Your Contact Details

Here you are rounding up your account setup. After this stage, Google will need to verify your account either through phone number, email or a direct mail to your choosen address

So depending on the kind of business category and the system through which you want people to contact you that will determine your verification options.

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