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How to Start Your Own Blog

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Every individual and organization now sees blog as a way of providing an expertise and professional advice to stay as a professional in his field. Every business organization that consider regular information dissemination as a way to keep


Writing a blog can be daunting sometimes if the first purpose of writing the blog is missed. You must have a reason for writing a bog which will only be determined by what your interest is. What expertise do you have? What service do you render to people that you want your target customers to contact you for.

Selecting your area of interest can be based on any of the following

  1. An identified problem you are trying to proffer solution to like writing a blog on how to fix a flat tyre or writing a blog on invest in real estate or writing a blg on how to pass an exam etc.
  2. A blog target at selling a product or services like writing a blog to sell real estate investment, or writing a blog to sell a book etc.
  3. A blog about a skill you have or your area of passion like writing a blog on creating video games or writing a blog on cooking spiced gizz dodo  etc

Your area of interest needs to beset appropriately before starting out your blog writing journey.


After selecting you area of writing, you need to plan your writing. You need to determine who your audience is, what’s their favourites and preference. Your audience will determine your style of writing, your tone of writing, your level of the use of formal language versus the use of slangs.

You also need to determine the frequency of your writing. Your writing might be daily, weekly, forth night week, monthly etc. All these depends on your approach and the subject your writing. If your blog is dedicated to be a news review blog, you will need to write daily. If it’s a tutorial blog, you can schedule daily, weekly and so on.


To run a professional blog, there are different options that are available for your domain procurement. If you’re starting out as a very newbie or you just want to test your skill in blogging, you can subscribe for free blogger or wordpress domain names which will give you as a sub-domain. You might get something like realesate.wordpress.com or realestate.blogspot.com.

But if you are serious about your blog, or you really want to create a professional blog which is targeted at rendering professional advice and knowledge sharing, it is not professional to use any of the free domain services. The best is to secure a fully customized domain like www.realestateinfo.com or www.yourpersonalname.com.

Selecting your domain name also depend on the focus of your blog and your search engine optimization strategies. A blog targeted at product sales, the domain name can center around the product.

For example, if the blog is to market real estate investment, the domain name can be www.realestateinvest.com. If the product is the sales of educational materials, the domain name can be www.educationalinfo.com etc. Using domain name like this help easy optimization on search engine with these key words.


After selecting your appropriate domain name, the next step is to secure a hosting.

There are different options for your hosting services. There are free hosting and paid hosting services.

Some of the free hosting services include

  • Git Hub
  • Google Drive
  • Blogger

You can find out on how all these works. But you can as well secure paid hosting on any of the available hosting company either locally like www.smartweb.com.ng, www.whogohost.com, www.weblagos.com etc. You can also get your hosting from any of the foreign hosting companies like www.bluehost.com, www.goddady.com, www.namecheap.com etc

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