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6 Reasons why you need to sell on Marketplaces like Jumia, Konga, Olx, Jiji etc

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One of the most difficult decisions to take is whether to get a private / personal website or use an existing web platform to promote and sell your product. There are different reasons to consider which will determine your choice.

Using a public marketplace like Jumia, Konga, Amazon, Alibaba, OLX etc have their pros and cons. There are huge benefits associated with using a public marketplace for your product or services which can guarantee a high returns on investment. Let’s examine a number of such benefits.

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Maintaining an e-commerce or a classified ads site isn’t an easy endeavour. Maintenance includes tracking every order, responding to enquiry, resolving client issues, managing payment and delivery etc.

To manage a profitable and effective ecommerce site requires a dedicated staff with a standby and dedicated line.

“Although this can be easily managed with your tablet with 24/7 internet access”

If you can’t guarantee the maintenance of the site, the best option for you is to leverage the dedicated staff and maintenance strategies of the popular marketplaces.

They have their maintenance strategies to handle product management, orders and delivery services, payment management, client complain management, site maintenance and upgrade plans, site security maintenance etc.

With all the afore-stated facts, it’s a very good option to embrace using the popular marketplaces to sell your product and services. Especially, if your online business is based on part time.


Right from website design, domain registration, hosting services, site security encryption, uploading and backup, payment integration, logistics and courier delivery services are bunch of technical complexity that characterized e-commerce website delivery.

All these technical complexities are reasons why many people prefer to enlist their products and services on popular marketplaces. All the technical complexities would have been taken care of.

Even though, there are better and simple approaches to handling all those technical complexities without needing so much programming skills or high number of staff. This shall be discussed in the next section.


Before your online business can be profitable and effective, it must automate credit card acceptance. Online payment is a must for every serious online business. If, online payment is not automated, you are bound to loose so many prospective customers.

Whether you sell baby diaper or acres of land, or if you render graphics design services, then integrating online payment into your website gives you excellent client retention and business success.

There will be difficulties for individuals who do not know how payment integration works. Hence, leveraging general online payment services of the merchant marketplace is another reasons why using the popular marketplace to sell your products and services is an ideal decision.


Another most important factor is how your product will be delivered to your client. Allowing your marketplace vendor handles your delivery gives you an edge on risk management and it takes away huge cost of investment on handling your order deliveries.

So, if you don’t want to bother yourself on how your product gets delivered to your customer, using the popular marketplace is an option you can go for.


Designing an ecommerce website for none technical person can cost you a lot. Many people take to using the popular marketplace because they lack the technical skills and know-how on how to get an ecommerce website.

If you do not have enough funds to get a website for yourself for you are not interested of running a website, then, the marketplace is your best option.


It’s a fact that taking the business to the internet is mainly because of the access to the huge traffic. Considering the huge traffic that is available on the popular marketplace, (You can examine the stats below), it is a better option for you to leverage those traffic to sell your product.

If you don’t know how to get traffic to your own website, then you might have to consider the popular marketplace to sell you product.

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