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Best Microfinance Bank Software in Nigeria

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With the prevalence of different microfinance software both in the local and international market, it as become the highest need for clients to be able to discern a well structured and developed software that can be tailor made for self usage in order to get the full return on investment.

We have put together a simple guide to help you sieve the best mcrofinance software for your microfinance bank.

Every excellent microfinance software is bound to have the following features.

  1. Loan Management System
  2. Contribution Management
  3. Deposit and Withdrawal
  4. Financial Report Generation
  5. Accounting Management System
  6. Payroll Management System
  7. Membership Management System
  8. Investment Management System
  9. Branch Management

PRIMAX Enterprise is a comprehensive Microfinance Banking Software that was conceived and provided to  meet up with the yearnings of the microfinance institutions in Nigeria.

PRIMAX Enterprise is an enterprise application developed as an extension of the the community version which is available for other Microfinance Institutions like Cooperative Society, investment clubs etc to manage their operations. It is robust application developed with an eye on professional delivery. It is built with robust modules offering variety of options in customization.

Modules and features include but not limited to Loan Management Module, Deposit and Withdrawal Module, Customer Account Management, Report Auto-Generation, User Management, Transaction Notifications

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