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Why Do You Need A CRM

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A lot of small businesses and mid-size business always think they do not need a customer relationship management solution to handle their customer operations. This in the resent time has actually impacted on so many businesses when there arises cases of staff retrenchment, disloyalty from some client and long range untreated cases of unsatisfied customers’ issues.

From research, a lot of company tends to lose their footings only because, they had no good records of customer experiences, there are no formal systems that looks into feedbacks from clients etc.

I heard a case from a friend who was running an IT business with many support staff to handle client cases in their offices or homes. A staff was so good that he was preferred by many clients to attend to their needs. He became the face of the company before most of the strong clients. Most clients didn’t know the MD or CEO until when the gentle guy was to leave the company to start up his. He left the company with 90% of the clients which eventually lead to the closure of the business. This became very possible because, the company does not have a management system with which she interact with the client.

These and many more are what lead to the concept of Customer Relationship Management System CRM.

CRM is as important to a business as registering the business with Corporate Affairs Commission.

Here, I have tried to briefly highlight few reasons why every business needs a CRM solution in order keep in touch with their customers
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A very important question to ask is do you run a business that has interaction with people or business entities? Do you deal in physical or none physical goods or services that will require an interaction before transaction can be done? If your business is in to sales, services, goodwill etc. If you know that your business can not do without interaction with people or business entity, then it is imperative to have a CRM solution in place.

Because you need to get feedback from your client. You need to engage them meaningfully with useful information, updates and promo offers. You need to measure how your goods or services have impacted the individual or business. Why will they come back or order your services again.
Hence, if you interact with businesses, companies, organizations etc, you need a CRM solution to be able to measure the existence of your business.
If you think of growing your customer base to a number that you may not be able to identify each of them.


Are you contented with your few clients that brings in tens of thousands of naira every month or you want the number that will bring in millions of naira every month.

Do you run advert to get more customers?
Do you evaluate the success of your business based on client accusation and lead client?
Do you have marketing teams who goes around to talk about your business to prospects.

Think of a situation where your client base grows to a number that you won’t be able to recognize each of them. To be able to manage your clients seamlessly, you need to have a CRM solution in place now.

Your CRM solution will store your client information, experiences and enquiries in a database that will be easily accessible at anytime, anywhere, anyhow. Each of your clients will be identified uniquely based on what they get from you.

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How old is your business now and how old will it be in ten years to come. Can you provide the list of all your clients since inception of your business with specific products or services you provided including corresponding dates for each client. How many of your clients make a call back for more of your services.

Do you think of a memory of keeping your client details for more than ten years without a threat of identity loss? Can you give a correct estimate of customers who have bought your products or requested your services for the past 10 years. If you would love to create a memorable instance of all your customers, then you need a CRM solution.

CRM solutions help you to track every detail of your client from leads, to sales and beyond. It gives the opportunity of identifying your loyal customers and focus on what makes that to be.
If you want to track all your client complains and provide a better client experience

There can never be business success without keeping track of customer experience, good or bad. Business tends to be better when you listen and keep track of your customers complains and recommendation.
Do you have where your customers complains are kept. What is the most issue your customers complain about? How fast do you respond to complain? Are there automated response system to sustain your customers interest when you are not around to answer there query.

You need a very good CRM solution to automate this experience for you.

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CRM solutions helps you to engage your clients seamlessly, creating a happy atmosphere when they get quick response to complaint and when they are identified by names through mere phone calls.

How many sales staff do you have? When you loose a sales or marketing staff today, how many customers are you going to lose to the staff. How do you track your sales staff business operation in this primitive and transit economy?

CRM solution will help you retain all your clients at the resignation of a staff. You will be able to monitor.

This is done through customer constant client engagements, phone call and auto-generated emails periodically. You become so daring to your customers when they get superior treatment from the company better than any staff. Moreso, with the CRM solutions in-place, client’s details are captured and constant follow up keeps the client with the company.

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